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The Magdalene Voices

Aug 29, 2017

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if we were able to hold space for each other?

  • If we all knew that when someone lashes out it’s because they are truly hurt within?
  • If we all knew that when someone belittles or judges the judgment they pass on themselves is far greater?
  • If we all knew that when someone bullies or abuses they themselves have mostly likely experienced cruel bullying and abuse?

What if we were able to hold space, provide a place for inner healing creating real change rather than allowing the vicious cycle to continue? That is the world I work for…

Holding space does not mean accepting or condoning.

Love is also saying no, having clear boundaries and standing for what is right and just for all. But there is a Way. A Way of Love. This is what I explore in this episode of The Magdalene Voices with Soul Mentor Keri Nola.

Keri is a powerful and experience healer able to hold space for even the darkest parts of you.

Doing the work herself she has an extraordinary level of depth and compassion combined with true strength and power.

In this episode you will her us talk about:

  • The Shadow aspects
  • How using your shadow aspects can serve in your awakening journey.
  • How categorization and compartmentalizing creates distance and separation equalling disconnect.
  • That your Shadow Aspects have immense gifts.
  • How to find value and purpose of your Shadow Aspects.
  • How the Shadow Aspects working on our behalf is a necessity.
  • How the more you acknowledge and hold space within the more you are able to do so without and thus gain deeper and richer relationships.
  • That this road is no lovey-dovey.
  • How light work is dark deep work
  • Why the feminine rising has to allow the masculine.
  • Where to begin with shadow work.
  • How being completely in your truth opens your intuitive centers.
  • How shadow work is deeply opening.
  • Why there’s no blame shame or guilt.
  • The difference between ignoring and denying.
  • How there are shadows we can bring to life we're not ready to work with yet.
  • Keri’s amazing Shadow Deck.
  • How change can be easier and with more grace if we are less resisting.
  • The dark side of light.
  • Illness, disease and abuse.
  • How we don't want to get into the culture of blaming those who appear to be victimized.
  • How we often call forth painful and challenging situations to awaken to a deeper love and connection to ourselves.
  • How we're very shaming of the energy of perpetration.
  • How we all ave victim energy and perpetrator energy within all of us.
  • Worthiness and understanding our importance
  • Plus a collective reading from Keri.
  • ... and so much more