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The Magdalene Voices

May 29, 2020

Since the beginning of my journey with The Magdalene and The Magdalenes I've been seeing a golden grid covering our planet.

As I've walked with Her and Them I've begun to understand how each and every Magdalene, whether walking this earth in physical form or beyond forms part of The Golden Grid.

While extended into form...

May 22, 2020

In this Sacred Conversation Ana and I talk about Dark Nights of the Soul, Rude Awakenings, deep transformation and what happens when The Magdalene appears in your life.

Ana shares her journey openly as well as  wisdom about our wombs both the physical ones women have and the energetic ones we all have.

There’s tears...

Apr 24, 2020

How does a deeply spiritual, highly skeptical and recovering control freak choose to lean in, surrender and begin living a fully guided life in authenticity and integrity.

For a while now I've been consciously choosing to following the internal guidance I'm receiving. Be it magical or mundane. To see what would...

Mar 6, 2020

In this Sacred Conversation we're fortunate to have Kristine comes back on the show to once again share her powerful esoteric knowledge. This time she gives us insights about the discovery of dwarf planets, the wisdom for us and the information about sensitivities and the underworld this highlights.


Feb 21, 2020

True story, as soon as this episode was recorded I ran to the nearest coffeeshop to get coffee!

Why that’s funny you’ll be able to deduct once you’ve listened.

Somehow this episode ended up with a whole lotta coffee in it. As you’ll hear it’s not really about coffee but how coffee served as a portal for...