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The Magdalene Voices

Sep 18, 2017

Joining with Lars in Sacred Conversation was like drinking from a well of knowledge and if you have a chance to attend one of his events or workshops I’d highly recommend it.

It is clear and obvious that Mary Magdalene is finding her way back into the heart of even religious Christianity. Or rather that the religions are opening up their hearts towards her, because she has always been there. Having never left, but stayed put for those who sought her out, to find her.

Lars is one of those seekers.

Having studied Aramaic I see him as a detective going into the ancient texts, finding the hidden clues and secrets, pulling them out with the utmost love and care. And without a patriarchal, fear based agenda he has an ability to convey these teachings as they were originally intended. In Love, with Love, for Love and by Love.

During our Sacred Conversation Lars shares his wealth of knowledge and wisdom with us allowing us a completely different view on some of the main themes surrounding Mary Magdalene, especially the 300 year long character murder on her person, taking her from her exalted status as an equal teacher alongside Yeshua to the destitute prostitute described in the Bible.

Lars also shares how he sees the Catholic Church as moving forward in re-instating her rightful place as a Master.


  • How from From early childhood Lars had a deep longing for Yeshua and the Essenes.
  • That losing his sister when he was 10 years and she six completely turned life upside down
  • What led Lars to leave his musical career and focus solely on his esoteric studies.
  • How learning that “Yeshua kissed Mary often” made him curious.
  • The background behind the kiss and kissing
  • How kissing was only between initiated.
  • How Yeshua and Mary’s marriage was no ordinary marriage.
  • How Jewish law prescribes that you can only anoint those who are your equals.
  • How an illness struck Lars and what it meant for him.
  • The commitment Lars made as a young boy, when John F. Kennedy was killed in 1963.
  • What led Lars to learn Aramaic and what he’s gained from his studies.
  • How Lars sees Aramaic as the key to the future.
  • How Aramaic was the key to the New Testament for Lars.
  • Why practicing is important.
  • What roles Lars sees Yeshua & Mary Magdalene have today.
  • How Magdalene was and is a title..
  • The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.
  • How those who merge their Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Essences within themselves are able to move mountains.
  • Why men seem to be struggling more about grasping their feminine sides than women.
  • – and much, much more…