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The Magdalene Voices

Mar 16, 2018

As anyone walking the Magdalene path will know; when the Goddess wants something she finds a way…

When Julie and I joined in Sacred Conversation for this episode there wasn’t a set script, outline or direction. I called her in, inspired by a tiny sentence she’d shared in an episode on her own podcast The Priestess Podcast.

Little could we have known that Mary would take us deep into the important topics of spirituality, social justice and structural change…


  • How and when Mary Magdalene first showed up for Julie.
  • The two different ways that Mary Magdalene supports and works with Julie.
  • How Mary is a resister, a warrior and someone who’s risen above incredible circumstances.
  • Mary Magdalene as a strong agent for social justice and structural change.
  • How spiritual bypassing is extremely dangerous and kills people.
  • How spirituality is about doing the inner work so that we may change our outer world.
  • How Donald Trump has served as a catalyst.
  • Drawing a line in the sand and setting clear boundaries.
  • Being willing to hear and see despite being uncomfortable as a white person.
  • White privilige, white supremacy and racism.
  • How self-care is more than afternoon naps, bubblebaths and getting your nails done.
  • – and much, much more…

This episode is potent, get ready to have some veils lifted. Find the episode here: