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The Magdalene Voices

May 25, 2018

When Tash and I joined for our Sacred Conversation I had no clue as to why I’d been called to invite her in, only that I’d been nudged for a while, so I followed guidance.

What transpired was the most beautiful and soulfully deep transmission on divine embodiment…

There were time during the time we spent together when I would look at Tash and see the Goddess radiating through her and I hope this episode of The Magdalene Voices will serve you well.


  • Divine embodiment, what it means and is.
  • Separation of human and divine.
  • Tash’s deepening into her own divinity.
  • Praying to something “up in the sky”.
  • The Big Divide.
  • How the divine essence is rooted within us as a seed.
  • how to meet the divinity all around us.
  • How you activate your divine seed.
  • Why you need to shut up and quiet your mind.
  • Revelations.
  • Why surrendering to the unknown is key.
  • The 6 point star.
  • The lack vibration Tash sees.
  • The 5 portals and their inner aspect.
  • How divinity expresses itself in many forms.
  • Why it’s important for us to cultivate the different aspects of ourselves in order for divinity to meet us.
  • Opening yourself up to the dissolution of boundaries.
  • How the work we do becomes foundational for those who come after.
  • Offering our ancestors a different story.
  • Healing our ancestral lines and those around us.
  • How embodiment of a frequency becomes cellular.
  • The undoing, unveiling and relearning.
  • The mirroring, reflection and triggering – opportunities for healing and learning.
  • Embracing yourself as a healer and holder of a frequency.
  • The fear of being ostracised for being who you are.
  • – and much, much more…

Find the show notes here: