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The Magdalene Voices

Nov 23, 2018

For a while now I’ve wanted to bring the topic of transgender identities to The Magdalene Voices and when my interview with Zack for their upcoming series “Spirituality in Business” took a deep turn I knew I had to invite them in.

This episode is a powerful, deep and unveiling conversation that honestly blew my mind at times and I hope you will listen with an open heart and mind so that we may, together create a world that is open and inclusive of all, no matter our gender identity, our sexuality, our faith or our color.

  • The most common terms used.
  • What being transgender means.
  • How the world of duality has way more spectres than you may currently see.
  • How Zack relates to the terms Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.
  • Spiritual “othering” of transgender people.
  • The part patriarchy, white supremacy and white saviour syndrome plays.
  • The current gross invasion of privacy that many transgender people experiences.
  • How those who’ve gone before us have cleared the road for us.
  • – and much, much more…


Find the show notes here: