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The Magdalene Voices

Aug 7, 2017

In this episode Mariaestela joins in Sacred Conversation with Mysteries Expert Tricia McCannon for a talk about the energies of the Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, Jesus and Mary Magdalene. 

The conversation is a deep dive into the many, many aspects of The Divine Mother, The Divine Father and their representation throughout history.

In this episode we cover a vast array of topics such as:

  • The Secret Teachings of Yeshua & Mary Magdalene.
  • How the great masters always seem to come in pairs of male/female.
  • How and when women got marginalised in Christianity.
  • Divinity beyond gender.
  • Which ancient celebration and ritual Easter is connected to.
  • The Feminine Archetypes and how they've been perceived in Christianity.
  • The Shadow Aspects of the Divine Energies.
  • The Sacred Marriage.
  • Spiritual Liberation.
  • Why Spiritual Community is important.
  • The Difference between ignoring and denying. 
  • and much, much more...

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