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The Magdalene Voices

Aug 21, 2017

When Layla and I came together for our Sacred Conversation one Tuesday afternoon we had originally intended for our conversation to be about Layla’s unveiling as a black muslim woman.

However in the weekend before our recording white supremacists, neo-nazists and KKK marched openly in Charlottesville, Virginia.

This sparked Layla to write a profound temple letter called “I need to talk to spiritual white women about white supremacy” – a letter that, if you haven’t already, I highly encourage you to read.

Feeling as though we’d been brought together for a higher purpose Layla and I decided to dive into the topic of White supremacy, patriarchy, racism and the Divine Feminine.

As you will see and hear our conversation is open, raw and real.

It may bring up guilt, shame, fear and blame – I know it did for me. So before you listen or watch I want to remind you that it is far easier to criticise, judge and project outwards than it is to truly sit with whatever arises within however dark it may be. It is however why you are here and I welcome you.

“Through you this world will change” says A Course in Miracles.

What that means is for you to shine a light on and heal what comes. Especially all of those uncomfortable, uneasy feelings. This is the true work of a master.

Layla and I are, in this episode, not negating that you may have had it very rough, come from a troubled background or have had to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, however if you’ve been fortunate enough to have been born white then you haven’t had to teach your sons how to behave in order to avoid being killed by the police, you don’t have to add an extra 20-30 minutes of travel time to a meeting just in case you get pulled over for the millionth time for no apparent reason, nor have you experienced having your resume discarded simply because of your name.

It is important that those of us who are born white finally acknowledges that not only is patriarchy and white supremacy real but also what it has put in place, because only in doing so are we able to finally begin creating a world that is for all.

This Sacred Conversation with Layla was at times very uncomfortable for me truly realising the effects white supremacy have and how I inadvertently have benefitted from it without any thought. I’ve taken that as an opportunity for healing and transformation - I hope you will too...

In this episode Layla and I talk about:

  • White supremacy.
  • The role of white women in dismantling white supremacy.
  • Our roles as priestesses.
  • Sacred activism and unveiling.
  • Layla’s personal unveiling and journey.
  • How modern society lack purposely putting young people through initiations.
  • How we create initiations for ourselves.
  • How healing her Mother wound was key for Layla and lead to discovery about divine feminine and women’s spirituality.
  • How dark nights of the soul are not a fix but wisdom.
  • How discovering feminist spiritual writing gave Layla a roadmap
  • How the current unveiling of white supremacy is much more of a surprise for white people then for people of color.
  • How the systems allowing white supremacy, racism and patriarchy has been in place forever.
  • How Patriarchy and white supremacy is aligned, together, connected
  • Why inner work is instrumental and important for the outer work needed.
  • The fear of doing is wrong.
  • What role the Divine Feminine plays in this.
  • Why building inner resilience, courage and fierceness is important.
  • Why now is not the time to let yourself be overwhelmed with doubt and shame, worrying about you having been complicit with your silence.
  • Layla’s journey within her religion.
  • - and much, much more...