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The Magdalene Voices

Mar 15, 2019

I believe that if you’re a dedicated spiritual seeker you’ll also be a very healthy skeptic.

Having walked this earth through many lifetimes you’ve not only personally experienced first hand how quacks have taken advantage of the God given skills of shamans, healers, channels, medicine women, witches, brujas and oracles for their own personal gain and advantage but also how easily and willingly some people hand over their power to something outside of themselves, without a second thought.

– and so, when miracles occur before your very eyes you, naturally, have a healthy, skeptic attitude towards it.

This was me when I, by chance (which we all know doesn’t exist) found myself at an event last September where Yvette Taylor was speaking. Truth be told I wasn’t really into the event and had considered leaving before the end of day, but something told me to stay.

When Yvette shared EAM – The Energy Alignment Method briefly on stage, I went along skeptically thinking “yeah, yeah – I’ll try this on something that’s been stuck for years and THEN we’ll see.”

Well, as you’ll hear me share in today’s episode my mind was BLOWN within less than 30 min. after the session.

Thing is, I know about energy. Both scientifically and spiritually I totally get it, and it’s what I believe that Yeshua and Mary Magdalene were Masters of, but until EAM I’d never experienced it. Never been able to shift it instantly AND see immediate results. Both for myself and others.

  • What EAM – The Energy Alignment Method is.
  • The 5 steps of EAM.
  • How EAM came to be.
  • Why this method has come to life now.
  • Yvette’s vision for the future of EAM.
  • Deep healing and instant transformation.
  • – and much, much more…