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The Magdalene Voices

Aug 30, 2018


When I read Simran’s magnificent post about how mainstream publishing houses and spiritual teacher actually stunt spiritual growth I knew I wanted her on the show – luckily for you, and me, she said yes to my invitation.

In this episode we go dark and we go deep. Simran shares her experiences, views and findings on one of the biggest publishing houses within the spiritual community. One that hundreds if not thousands of spiritual teachers have on their vision boards and what she shares ain’t that pretty.

In this episode of The Magdalene Voices you’ll hear Simran share and us talk about:

  • Leaning into discomfort.
  • Calling darkness out into the Light.
  • Seeing darkness and dark energy in big followed leaders.
  • The big issue with many of the “love and light” teachings.
  • White supremacy and white privilege.
  • Healing from a space of fear or love.
  • The Hollywood’sation of Light vs. Dark
  • How we’re getting out of the age of consumption.
  • What treasures lie hidden in the darkness.
  • How to strengthening your own intuition in terms of the people that you follow.
  • How negative does not equal bad.
  • Why when you reclaim your power, your strength and your discernment you become invincible
  • The issue with the cult following of spiritual teachers.
  • What you can do to become more comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • What negative implants are.
  • What a light workers work really is.
  • – and much, much more…

This is an episode for you willing to listen with an open heart and mind, as you may find yourself triggered throughout.

Find the show notes here: