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The Magdalene Voices

Sep 27, 2018

If you have ever dabbled into the Law of Attraction, Quantum Physics and Manifestation I am sure you've come across Pam Grout's book "E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments to Prove your Thoughts Create Your Reality".

It is such a joyous read and revisiting it this summer I couldn't help but reach out to Pam and invite her in Sacred Conversation on The Magdalene Voices to talk about the many lies and false beliefs we believe about God.

It turned into an episode filled with as much joy and laughter as is in not only her books and our hearts but in God.

So often God gets made into this serious figure of doom, gloom and judgement, when it's really nothing the most radiant Source of love.

In this conversation you'll hear Pam and I talk about:

  • God as the most loving Source of all that is.
  • What is the field of infinite potentiality.
  • How we animate into our lives that which we bring our thoughts to.
  • How most of us live in a problem state rather than a state of possibility.
  • Human Beings as co-creators.
  • The "Whoppers" Pam details in her book.
  • The tiny idea of God that we have created.
  • God as electricity.
  • Whether you can ask too much of God.
  • Why Pam believes Yeshua was crucified.
  • How to "turn on" God.
  • The genderfication of God.
  • Creating a different algorithm for your life.
  • - and much more...

Find the show notes here: