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The Magdalene Voices

Sep 14, 2018

How do you stay when you know there's "another place"?

When Jessica and I joined for our Sacred Conversation we did actually have a few ideas of the direction we wanted to go, but as so often happens when you’re lead by Spirit, and surrender to it our conversation took us into the area of “not wanting to be here” – a sense most, if not all of us have had on our awakening journeys.

It ended up being the most beautiful conversation about choosing to be here, in this world and the journeys that have led us, through dark nights, to that choice.

I pray that by sharing our struggles, you may find that you are not alone. Ever.

Find the show notes here:

In this episode of The Magdalene Voices you’ll hear Jessica and I talk about:

↠ ↠ Near death experiences. (NDE)
↠ ↠ What NDE’s are and why the occur.
↠ ↠ Jessica’s experiences growing up “open”.
↠ ↠ How most of us have moments of “wanting to check out”.
↠ ↠ Why being a spiritual being in physical form can seem difficult.
↠ ↠ How magnificent having a body understanding your spiritual nature can be.
↠ ↠ Mary Magdalene as our Guide.
↠ ↠ How to strengthen your communication with your guides.
↠ ↠ – and much, much more…