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The Magdalene Voices

Mar 8, 2019

Spiritual Bypassing is unfortunately running rampant, and be extremely dangerous if not healed.

Truth be told I procrastinated shooting this episode even though it was very clear that it was calling me. I hope that by showing you the errors of my way that it may inspire and empower you to lift the veils hindering your sight and allow for deep healing but more importantly a more loving, kind, caring and compassionate world for all.

This might be a triggering episode, and if so I invite you to dig deeper and find the root causes. Everything shared are based on my own personal experiences as a CIS white woman becoming more and more aware of (and horrified by) the inherent privilige my skin affords me at the expense of minorities and people of color.

  • Spiritual bypassing of our physical existence.
  • My own spiritual bypassing of pain and physical symptoms.
  • Why choosing a holistic view is valuable.
  • How your intentions might be the best but nonetheless harmful and hurtful.
  • Spiritual bypassing and its connection patriarchy.
  • White supremacy, White Saviour Syndrome and Racism.
  • – and much, much more…

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